About Motor Works Remanufactured Engines

For Almost Any Make and Model Vehicle, Boat,
and Machinery You Can Think of…

What we do…

We do remanufactured engines, and we’re good at it. Using only the highest quality and long lasting parts from our trusted industry suppliers. All of our work is done to rigorous and exacting standards and technical specs, with the most advanced equipment available. Including diamond honing the cylinder walls in every engine we do, custom precision balancing, a complete job done right. We even offer qualified support and advice if you are installing one of our engines yourself.

We are specialists in engine replacement, remanufacturing, and modification – performance, passenger vehicles, off road, commercial, marine, and agricultural. So, you can replace the engine in your car or truck, delivery van, your boat, and even your tractor or combine. Gasoline and diesel. You can even have us make modifications to your existing work vehicles to make them last longer and perform better.

The Basic Difference…

When deciding to purchase a remanufactured engine or to use a rebuilder, think about this…

  • A rebuilt engine is often times only repaired to the level of failure. That means any components beyond this level are left untouched. And testing procedures can vary among individual rebuilders. Many rebuilders only replace failed components with low cost and low quality parts.
  • In the short run, a rebuilt engine may seem like the less expensive route to take. But, this often results in a low quality product. The result can be unpredictable service life, along with a much reduced warranty period.
  • Considering the cost of labor for engine installations, the truth is that the best value is a high quality remanufactured engine.

What you can expect…

To give you a full picture, here’s what we do every time we remanufacture a typical engine:

  • The complete assembly is torn down (pistons, bearings, seals, gaskets, timing gears and chains, and many other parts) and automatically discarded. These component parts are replaced with new parts when the engine is reassembled.
  • All parts to be retained are thoroughly cleaned in a hot caustic solution. The head and crank are high temp baked.
  • All parts are inspected for defects, and burrs removed, and then magnafluxed.
  • Cylinders are honed to a micro-finish and receive new pistons and chrome moly rings.
  • All rods are precision reconditioned.
  • New bearings and pin bushings are installed.
  • The crank shaft is re-centered, re-aligned, and custom precision balanced, and the main and rod journals are re-ground and polished to a micro-finish, and all oil passages are cleaned.
  • Throughout the remanufacturing process, quality checks and tests are being made by the machine operators and by knowledgeable technicians to assure that engineering specifications are maintained. All new and remanufactured parts used in our engines are required to meet original factory specifications.
  • All production is inspected by our quality control department. And each engine is pre-ran on a run-in machine in order to pre-lube the engine, seat the rings, and perform additional checks for oil leaks, missing plugs, cracks in oil galleys (external and internal), cam bearing placement, bearing clearance, oil pressure, valve train problems, lifter settings, and compression.

All this, backed by one of the best warranties in the industry…

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